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Weed: a valueless plant growing wild, especially one that grows on cultivated ground to the exclusion or injury of the desired crop.
There are 2 Basic life cycle types of weeds that can affect your lawn.

1. Annual Weeds - These weeds live for a single season. The most prevelant Annual Weed in the Morton Area is:

2. Perennial Weeds - These weeds live for multiple seasons. The most prevelant Perennial Weeds in the Morton Area are:
Tall Fescue / Dandelions / Clover
There are 2 Basic types of weeds that can affect your lawn.

1. Broadleaf Weeds - Broadleaf weeds are usually very easy to identify. They look different from grasses and are physically different than grasses. This difference allows for the use of selective weed control methods to control broadleaf weeds without injury to the desirable grass. Dandelions and Clover fall under this category.

2. Grasses - Grassy weeds are often difficult to identify in a lawn or landscaping environment because they look similar to the desirable turf. Once prevelant in your lawn it is very hard to eliminate the Weed Grass without harm to the desirable turf. Crabgrass and Tall Fescue fall under this category.

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