What is in Fertilizer?


Fertilizer contains 3 Primary and many Secondary Nutrients:




1. Nitrogen - Promotes Strong Color and Top-Growth


2. Phosphorus - Stimulates Root Development


3. Potassium - Helps with Disease Resistance and Water Retention


We even space these treatments throughout the year, in order to provide the best possible results for your lawn.



**NOTE - Illinois currently does not allow Phosphorus to be used in Lawn Care Applications, and therefore other Nutrients are used.**

How do Lawns use Fertilizer?


As your Hometown Lawn Care Service, we know the fertilizer that best fits your lawn's needs. We apply the needed amounts at the most beneficial times of the year to promote beautiul healthy growth.


Fertilizer becomes mixed with the moisture in the soil. It is absorbed by the plants feeder-roots. Once inside the plant, nutrients are distributed to the areas where they are needed. These nutrients can go to work building new roots. The nutrients also promote fuller leaf growth, defense against diseases, and helping the grass retain moisture throughout the season.


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