Step 4 - LATE SUMMER (July / August)

We are now in the last sustained growing period of the year. This is the time for us to help the turf plant recover from the stress of the summer weather. It is also time again to concentrate attention on Broadleaf Weed Control.


Core Aeration is probably one of the most beneficial mechanical treatments we can make to your lawn. This will reduce thatch and soil compaction, which is always a problem with clay soils.


Call to schedule your lawn for Aeration this fall!


RAIN and its effect on your application:


Moisture provided by rain will actually improve the performance of the fertilizer and many control products we apply.



1. Please stay off the grass until the application has dried. Drying times can vary depending on weather at the time of application, if possible stay off for 24hrs.


2. Please do not mow the lawn for at least 48hrs. Broadleaf Weed Control products work by being absorbed into the plant.

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