Step 1 - SPRING (March / April)

This Early Spring Fertilizer/Crabgrass Control Application is a Granular Fertilizer that releases slowly to feed the lawn evenly. This even feeding will prevent surge growth and help prevent constant mowing. This Application is designed to last up to 10-12 weeks.


Our product is designed to help the turf recover from the stress of winter weather. As the turf comes out of its dormant stage, the Application is doing everything possible to enhance its recovery.





Crabgrass is a constat menace to the Bluegrass Lawn. Generally found along sidewalks, streets, or driveways the typical germination period of Crabgrass is Late Spring. To guard your lawn against such an infestation control must be achieved before germination occurs. This first application is a part of that protection. Ideally this application can control 80% of Crabgrass, however, complete control is impossible due to climate and/or soil disturbances.



1. Begin the season with a well-maintained lawn mower. Sharpen the blade and make sure the mower is ready to run when mowing season arrives.

2. Set the cutting-level of your mower at its highest setting. Mowing youe lawn at a high level now will do much to help choke out unwanted weeds later.

3. Always recycle clippings onto the turf, unless, the grass is excessively long. Please try not to bag your clippings, if possible use a mulching system.

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