Lawn Care Schedule

Below is an outline of the services provided

Step 1 - SPRING (March / April)


Granular Fertilization at this time is crucial for an Early Spring Green-up. These are also the months when we can most effectively control Crabgrass. If needed, Broadleaf Weed Control is applied, but, only after the temperature has reached 45 Degrees or above.

Step 2 - LATE SPRING (April / May)


Liquid Fertilization along with Broadleaf Weed Control will be applied at this time. As a reminder, only those weeds prevelant at the time of applicaiton will be controlled. This is a critical time for Insect and Disease Activity, which we will scout for during the application process.

Step 3 - SUMMER (June / July)


This middle Granular Fertilization application is critical in preparing your lawn for the typically hot, dry Summer. Weed Control will be applied as needed, however, Grub Prevention will be applied to your lawn during this application if you have requested this service as part of your Individualized Service Plan. **NOTE: This is the last application that Grub Prevention can be applied to your lawn to ensure Grub Control.**

Step 4 - LATE SUMMER (July / August)


As we near the end of our Lawn Care Schedule, this fourth application, consisting of Liquid Fertilization will be applied to enhance proper root development. This enhancement will also promote the thickening of your lawn as it prepares for the Fall Season. Weed Control will be applied as needed, as a reminder this will only affect the weeds prevalent at the time of the application.  **NOTE- This is the time to schedule for Fall Aeration.**

Step 5 - FALL (September / October)


This is the final application provided through our Lawn Care Schedule in preparing your lawn for the Winter Months. During the Fifth Application, the fertilizer applied will help prevent Winter Stress and promote healthy root development. **NOTE - This is the ideal time for Core Aeration, in order to provide stress relief from the Summer Weather.**



Following years of monitoring and soil tests, we feel we understand your lawn's growing cycles. Through our services we can properly select feeding times for your lawn's current conditions, as well as, anticipate its needs in the seasons to follow. All of this will help keep the next season's problems from depleting the quality of you lawn.



Fertilization supplement the natural bionutrients in your soil; it helps make your lawn healthier, greener, and more capable of withstanding adverse conditions and weeds. We apply balanced fertilizers, enriched with the proper amounts of Nitrogen and Potash to suit your lawns needs.



Effective Broadleaf Weed Control depends on several factors that include: Temperature, Humidity, and Stage of Growth. There are over 50 varieties of Broadleaf Weeds, some of these varieties can be controlled with regular applications and some cannot. Many Broadleaf Weeds are difficult to control, and will therefore require extra treatments. As your Lawn Care Professionals we know which varieties can be controlled, as well as, how to handle them.



Certain insects have been known to adversely affect the quality of your lawn in a time span of two weeks to as little as a few days. During your regularly scheduled application we will be monitoring your lawn for the tell-tale signs of possible insects. **NOTE - It is recommended that the Grub Prevention Application be a part of your Individualized Service Plan in order to better protect against the outbreak of insects. (Grub Prevention is applied during the 3rd Step Application of the Lawn Care Schedule)**



Effective Crabgrass control must be started early in the growing season. Complete control is impossible due to Climate Conditions and Soil Disturbances. Ideally 80% Crabgrass Control may be obtained by stopping the weed before its Spring Germination.

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